Netflix ‘Making a Movie About Dokken,’ According to Don Dokken

According to Dokken bandleader Don Dokken, Netflix is now “making a movie about Dokken from the ’80s” that’s shares a similarity with Motley Crue‘s 2019 Netflix biopic, The Dirt.

That’s because it’s being helmed by some of the same team who help realize the Motley Crue movie, as Dokken said in an interview with the podcast The Hook Rocks! last week (Oct. 24).

In the process, the rocker revealed a vintage ’80s rock story that involves him and Van Halen that took place at the venerable Los Angeles club the Whisky a Go Go, the venue that’s part of the focus of Dokken’s origin story on the Sunset Strip.

Hear the interview near the bottom of this post.

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After telling The Hook Rocks! that Netflix is “making a movie about Dokken from the ’80s” — the singer added it has “the same director” as The Dirt — Dokken continued, “It’s going to be a good movie. A couple months ago I went down and they wanted to film me at the Whisky where we started. And they just asked me questions.” (via Blabbermouth)

Motley Crue’s The Dirt Trailer

He explained, “There’s been so much talked about the Whisky and the Rainbow [Bar and Grill] and everything that went on. People don’t realize The Doors were the house band at the Whisky at one point. And I just said, ‘Well, I’ll try to come up with some stories.’ Because it’s already been put out there in The Dirt and Netflix about the Rainbow.”

What’s in the Dokken Movie?

Dokken shared of what he told the filmmaking team, “I tried to come up with stuff that people haven’t heard. And I told the director, ‘But I really shouldn’t be talking about this stuff because it’s pretty [filled with] debauchery.'”

Dokken, “Alone Again” (Music Video) [1984]

However, “I told him a story about … the Whisky, there’s only one bathroom upstairs and three dressing rooms, and we could never get in the dang bathroom when we were playing with Van Halen because David Lee Roth made that his temporary sex office,” the singer said. “When the door was locked, I’m, like, ‘David, come on, man. You’ve got four guys out here that need to pee.’ He’s like, ‘I’ll be out in a minute.'”

About Dokken’s New Album

Heaven Comes Down, Dokken’s first album since 2012’s Broken Bones, was just released Oct. 27 through Silver Lining Music. Watch the video for lead single “Fugitive” below.

Dokken, “Fugitive” (Music Video)

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Don Dokken on The Hook Rocks! – Oct. 24, 2023

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