Extension 13 is dedicated to exploring a wide range of unconventional, suppressed, & mainstream topics with the brightest minds for our troubled times.

From that unexplained thump in the attic to how artificial intelligence may rule the world, Extension 13 brings in world renown experts and undiscovered voices to discuss the topics hidden in the back of our minds.


Saturday 01/22/2022 

Special Guest:   Bestselling and Award-Winning author, Rob Shelsky is a long time

UFO investigator, as well as a field investigator.   Rob has written many books on

UFO’s, Ancient aliens and the hollow moon theory and more!  


Listen live!   January 22nd!   9central/10eastern





Saturday 10/23/2021


Captain Canada will be joining us to discuss world events and more!!





Saturday 10/02/2021


Bill Hauser will be joining us to discuss “Crossing Over” and what we might see on the other side.  October 2nd, 9central/10eastern


Saturday 09/11/2021


Captain Canada returns to discuss current mainstream topics and all things paranormal.     September 11th,  9central/10eastern


Saturday 08/28/2021

SPECIAL GUESTS:  Denver Michael will be joining us to discuss his new book,  “Haunted Shenandoah Valley” and his recent UFO siting.   Second hour,  Dr. David Pilz is back to discuss “the Mandela Effect”!   




Saturday 08/21/2021

SPECIAL GUESTS:     Penny Bradley will be joining us to discuss her time spent in the Secret Space Program as a fighter pilot and accounts of her abduction and much more!    




Saturday 08/14/2021

Captain Canada will be joining us to discuss music mysteries, rock and roll and all things paranormal.     



Saturday 08/07/2021

Tonight’s guest is Dr. David Pilz.  David is a metaphysical educator, author and coach.   We will explore what is happening in this season on earth and discuss draconian influences in today’s world.      




Saturday 05/08/2021

SPECIAL GUESTS:  Stand up comedian and comic writer Ritch Shydner and “King of Chicago Geeks” Elliott Serrano will be joining us to discuss Science, Skepticism and Snark on Mainstream and Paranormal topics!      9central/10eastern


Saturday 05/01/2021

SPECIAL GUEST:  Denver Michaels is author with a passion for cryptozoology, the paranormal, lost civilizations and ancient history, and all things unexplained!  We will be discussing his new book,  “Strange Tales From The Virginia Mountains”.   9central/10eastern

Saturday 03/20/2021

Saturday we have two Special Guests: Author and Podcast host Mike Nowack of “The Mike Nowack Show” will be joining us to discuss food scarcity, urban farming and what is happening to the bees Chuck Banks will be joining us for the 2nd hour to remote view the moon! 9central/10eastern

Saturday 02/13/2021

Tonight’s guest is Dr. David Pilz. David is a metaphysical educator, author and coach. We explore the history of metaphysics, how people can develop their abilities and how metaphysics relates to the paranormal world. 

Saturday 01/16/2021

First Hour: 

Johnathan Mallard  – Host of “The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast”,  Author and Paranormal Investigator.  We will be discussing all things Paranormal in the first hour!

Second hour:

Legendary Donnie Vie will be joining us to discuss his new album and trends in the music industry. 


Saturday – 01/09/2021

Special Guests:    Red Hill Rancher is back to continue our discussion on supply chain sustainability,  corn and soy industries and the future America’s rancher and farming industry.   

Join us at extension13.com – January 9th – 9central/10eastern

Saturday – 01/02/2021

From Hacker, To Security Advocate Over the last 30 years, Trip Elix worked privately as a consultant, investigator, forensic technician & a skip tracer. The author of three books he says, “being spooked by your own devices is not ok.”


Saturday – 12/19/2020

Special Guests:    Charles Banks is a Psychic Medium, Radio Host and Author.    We will venture down the supernatural rabbit hole and will also discuss his new book,  “Hell Comes Home”.   9central/10easstern



Saturday – 12/05/2020

Coyote Chris Sutton is a shamanic practitioner/paranormal investigator who began his spiritual journey over 25 years ago and has since worked to help others to bring harmony to their lives and to uncover the spiritual gifts that each person possesses.



Saturday – 11/28/2020

Join us tonight with Kevin Felty to discuss his new book “Mishaps, Mayhem & Milestones”.  9central/10eastern

Saturday – 11/07/2020

Join us tonight at 9central/10eastern. We will be talking to the owner of Red Hills Rancher on our supply chain and food sustainability. 



Saturday – 10/31/2020

Halloween Night, You are in for a treat! We have an amazing line up for extension13. Richard Black from Shark Island band will be kicking off the show – Followed by Ryan O Neal, Elliot Serrano, Bill Hauser, Kelly Eyer, William Pullin and Venus Miranda!! Its going to be a spooky night!! 


Saturday – 09/26/2020

Venus Miranda and William Pullin are the Co-Founders of SAPRO – San Antonio Aerial Phenomena Research Organization.  Venus is the President of SAPRO, UFO witness that brings an objective and skeptical approach to the UFO Phenomena.  William has been working in the UFO field since the late 1980’s and brings a wealth of knowledge and the same objective approach!  




Saturday – 09/12/20

Bill Hauser will be joining us to discuss all things Paranormal and Ghosts.   He will also be speaking to the Sprits!

Saturday – 09/05/20

Kelly Eyer will be joining us tonight! You don’t want to miss this one! 10 Eastern/9 Central.



Saturday – 08/08/20

Join us tonight for “Live” interview Psychic Medium, Kimberly Rackley! 9central/10eastern!



Saturday – 08/01/20

Join us Saturday Aug 1st with Austin Maynard! We will be discussing the Ghosts and the Paranormal. Listen Live @ Extension13.com – 9 Eastern/10 central!




Saturday – 7/11/20


Saturday – 7/04/20

Tonight’s guest is Dr. David Pilz. David is a metaphysical educator, author and coach. We explore the history of metaphysics, how people can develop their abilities and how metaphysics relates to the paranormal world.  Join us live at Extension13.com at 10PM Eastern/9 Central!



Saturday – 6/27/20:

Tonight we will be discussing “Near Death experiences” with Jamie Budge. Author of “Lessons I learned from being dead.” About 30 years ago Jamie Budge was driving down a local boulevard where he went into sudden cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead and brought back to life.  Jamie talks about his journey to the other side and back and his perspective on life and the many lessons he learned from it.










Saturday – 6/20/20: 

Tonight it’s all about alien abduction and the secret space program with Tony Rodriguez!   The Final hour we will pick the brain of the “King of Chicago Geeks, Elliott Serrano!   We will be discussing pop/comic culture influences and the paranormal and more at 10Pm Eastern and 9PM central!     

Tony Rodriguez: 

Elliott Serrano: