Extension 13 is dedicated to exploring a wide range of unconventional, suppressed, & mainstream topics with the brightest minds for our troubled times.


Saturday – 7/11/20


Saturday – 7/04/20

Tonight’s guest is Dr. David Pilz. David is a metaphysical educator, author and coach. We explore the history of metaphysics, how people can develop their abilities and how metaphysics relates to the paranormal world.  Join us live at Extension13.com at 10PM Eastern/9 Central!



Saturday – 6/27/20:

Tonight we will be discussing “Near Death experiences” with Jamie Budge. Author of “Lessons I learned from being dead.” About 30 years ago Jamie Budge was driving down a local boulevard where he went into sudden cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead and brought back to life.  Jamie talks about his journey to the other side and back and his perspective on life and the many lessons he learned from it.










Saturday – 6/20/20: 

Tonight it’s all about alien abduction and the secret space program with Tony Rodriguez!   The Final hour we will pick the brain of the “King of Chicago Geeks, Elliott Serrano!   We will be discussing pop/comic culture influences and the paranormal and more at 10Pm Eastern and 9PM central!     

Tony Rodriguez: 

Elliott Serrano: