17 Steaming-Hot Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Coffee is an important part of my life and my daily routine. While growing up in a big Hispanic family, coffee was something we could all find common (if sometimes hotly debated) ground on. It was something we took pride in, something I could look at as a kid and say, “this was grown in the place where my family is from, or somewhere very like it.” Lovingly brewing a cup or pot of coffee every morning is a ritual that connects me to my family, my loved ones, and to myself. What better way to let your coffee-drinking friends know that you care about them and think about them than to give them a gift that nourishes and reinforces their daily self care. 

We carefully curated this list to include products and accessories that would fit into almost any home barista’s routine by searching for products that play a supporting role in the whole process. Here’s our guide to finding the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life.

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Author: showrunner