Tremonti Debut Dark + Moody New Song ‘If Not For You’

Mark Tremonti just does not stop. The ever-prolific rock guitarist announced the Marching in Time solo album earlier this year and has now debuted its first single, “If Not For You.”

The record, which will be out Sept. 24, will be the fifth from the Tremonti group and first since 2018’s A Dying Machine, with one Alter Bridge album — Walk the Sky — sandwiched between the two.

“If Not For You,” which appears third on the Marching in Time track listing, sets the tone for the forthcoming full length with a potent blend of dark overtones and melodic flourishes that shine like a single sunbeam piercing a blackened sky.

Unlike the previous Tremonti album, this next album will not embrace a concept, leaving each of the 12 Marching in Time tracks to take listeners on their own independent journeys.

Read the lyrics to “If Not For You” (via A-Z Lyrics) directly below and get the details about the new album, which will be out on Napalm Records, further down the page. To pre-order Marching in Time, head here.

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Tremonti, “If Not For You” Lyrics

Turn and face me
Could you always be
Forever at my side
Fill this heart of mine

Guilty again
If it were not for you then I’d be dead
Then I’d be dead

Grace me once more
Oh let me feel assured
Turn my way again
Come to life, my friend

Guilty again
If it were not for you then I’d be dead
So run while you can
I will follow for now until the end
Until the end

Lift me up from the floor
Oh from the bottom
Make me just thirst for more
For I’ve forgotten
Take me far from this place
We’ll run forever
Leave here without a trace

Guilty again
If it were not for you then I’d be dead
So run while you can
I will follow from now until the end
Until the end
(Until the end)

Tremonti, “If Not For You” Music Video

Tremonti, Marching in Time Artwork + Track Listing

Napalm Records

01. “A World Away”
02. “Now and Forever”
03. “If Not for You”
04. “Thrown Further”
05. “Let That Be Us”
06. “The Last One of Us”
07. “In One Piece”
08. “Under the Sun”
09. “Not Afraid to Lose”
10. “Bleak”
11. “Would You Kill”
12. “Marching in Time”

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