Motionless in White Release Synthwave Version of ‘Voices’

Just how bored were Motionless in White while the coronavirus pandemic kept them from playing shows?

Bored enough to create a “synthwave edition” of their Graveyard Shift single “Voices,” anyway. The new version is a product of the metalcore band’s studio tinkering over the last year or so.

Indeed, the Chris Motionless-led rockers called the “Voices” redux the “conclusion” to their “2020 Quarantine Experiments” in a Friday (May 14) message announcing the fresh rendition. Does this mean there’s more retooled material lying in wait? Motionless in White have only released two standalone singles — a Killers cover and a sonic nod to their debut — since their most recent studio effort, 2019’s Disguise. They’ve also spent time working on classically inspired remakes of their songs.

But didn’t the studio recording of “Voices” come out quite a while ago? True, its parent album arrived in 2017; the album cut emerged as a single the following year, the album’s sixth and final. Still, the long span between versions doesn’t seem to bother the band.

Whatever the case, the slow and steady synth take gives the Graveyard Shift slammer an entirely different dressing, one that can undoubtedly be appreciated by music lovers of all stripes. Below, listen to the new “Voices” version, followed by the original album track.

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Motionless in White, “Voices: Synthwave Edition”

Motionless in White, “Voices” (Graveyard Shift Version)

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