Turn an old spoon into a fishing lure that’ll catch almost anything

When I think of homemade lures that are easy to build, the broom handle bluefish popper comes to mind. Then there’s the wine cork bass bug. The difference between them and a homemade spoon is that the spoon is more versatile. Whether you target pike in Canada, Spanish mackerel in Miami, brown trout in Iceland, or yellowtails in New Zealand, a simple homemade spoon will make them bite. Best of all, making a spoon is arguably easier than building any other homemade lure, and even if you put minimal effort into the project, the end result will still catch fish. Although making a spoon is faster with tools like a grinding wheel and drill press, if you’ve got a hand drill, a fine-tooth jewel saw, and a file, you’re all set.


Author: showrunner