Best stand mixers for people who love to bake

If you bake to relieve stress, bake when you’re feeling joyful, and bake because you love to help others feel joyful—and do a whole lot of other cooking as well—this 7-quart mixer is an excellent option. Aside from the 1.3 horsepower motor (969 watts), the centerpiece of this model is the extra-large stainless steel mixing bowl that can be raised or lowered using a lever. The bowl holds a whopping 16 cups of flour, and the lever mechanism makes it possible to mix heavy ingredients with less impact to your muscles and joints. You’ll get a spiral dough hook, flat beater, and wire whip with your purchase, and the power hub is compatible with over fifteen attachments that can help you fly through tasks from shredding cheese to making pasta.


Author: showrunner