The best gaming headphones for an immersive experience

Turtle Beach has a well deserved reputation as being the pinnacle for gaming audio. The Stealth 600 is a good example of why. Like the Razer Kraken, they come with 50 mm drivers, but the comparison stops there, as these babies are packed to the hilt with features. They feature a wireless connection and 15 hours of gaming per charge, so you won’t be strapped down to wired connections or charging docks. However, the wireless function means that you’ll have to pick the model appropriate for your preferred gaming platform, as the PS4 and Xbox use different wireless technology. Other features include a design that accommodates glasses; mic monitoring, which means you can make sure you aren’t shouting at your friends, and a super-sensitive mic that you can simply flip up to mute. Two volume controls allow you to tinker on the fly with both in-game audio and your mic output.


Author: showrunner