REI Anniversary Sale: 21 Best Summer Outdoor Deals for 2020

After almost two months of sheltering in place, I’ve become very familiar with the interior walls of my house. Often, a long solo run or bike ride is my exercise, fresh air, and respite from my loving and yet increasingly annoying family—and what’s more, I see more and more of you joining me. To all you brand-new runners and cyclists and backyard loungers, I say: Welcome. One of our favorite retailers, REI, is holding its yearly anniversary sale, which is a great time to pick up running gear at up to 30 percent off.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, Moosejaw is also holding its summer sale. For more ideas to get outside, don’t forget to check out our buying guides to the Best Fitness Trackers, Best Portable Grills, and the Best Umbrellas.

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Biking, Running, and Paddling Deals

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Camping and Kitchen Deals

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