Reliable dash cams to witness a collision

Many people spend a great percentage of their time in vehicles. Commuters, touring performers, truckers, and delivery workers live out their lives going from one destination to another. And while this may seem normal or even mundane, there is an obvious element of risk involved. For even when people exercise extreme caution, collisions do occur, and they often lead to stressful and expensive situations if drivers disagree on what happened. One way to avoid such stress is to keep a dash cam in your vehicle. Dash cams record high quality footage of your experiences on the road should an accident take place. If you’re parked and someone bumps your vehicle, a dash cam will turn on via motion sensor and record the incident. You’ll never have to stress about parking on the street again. Of course, this all assumes that you’re a safe and responsible driver yourself, which of course you are. Here are some of our favorite dash cams on the market right now.


Author: showrunner