Deals on Machines, Beans, and More for National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day! On September 29, tons of cafés and coffee shops open up their doors to celebrate our favorite roasted cherry pit: the humble coffee bean. It’s kind of like a more highly caffeinated Free Comic Book Day, where cafés across the US offer up free (or nearly free) cups of coffee to customers.

There are a lot of deals out there for this most blessed of days, but not all of them are actually very good. Here, we’ve compiled only the best of the best. Some expire today, others run through October 1 (International Coffee Day) and beyond. 

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Deals on Coffee Beans and Machines

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The Precision Brewer features a glass carafe and adjustable water temperature, which is the secret to good drip coffee. Just don’t leave it on the heating plate too long; all bottom-heated coffee machines will impart a burnt flavor eventually. There’s also a version that comes with a thermal carafe for $240 ($60 off).

The Primula is always really affordable, and it’s been our favorite cold-brew coffee maker for a few years now. This is as good a time as any to pick one up. It’s relatively easy to clean, keeps cold brew mostly sediment free, and is more durable than many cold-brew carafes. It comes in a few fun colors, too!

Double-walled glass is a killer way to serve up coffee. The interior vacuum keeps your beverage warm, and the glass walls let you see all those gorgeous caramel colors swirling as you stir.

Partners Coffee offers a good variety of beans at reasonable prices. You can get 10 percent off all coffee and tea orders from September 28 to October 3 if you enter the code DISCOVER at checkout. Quick tip, though: Partners also offers 15 percent off of your first two orders with the code FRESH, so you might want to place a couple orders to make the most of these discounts.

Peet’s has rich, straightforward blends—like really good diner coffee. It’s offering 25 percent off all coffee beans, K-Cups, pods, and espresso capsules until midnight on September 29, as long as you check out with the code GOODSTUFF. 

Where to Get Free Coffee

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Bring a clean, reusable mug to participating Starbucks locations for a free cup of drip coffee to celebrate National Coffee Day, and the company’s 50th anniversary. Happy birthday, PSL!

Members of Dunkin’s DD Perks program can score a free medium cup of hot or iced coffee with any purchase today. You can join the program here, or in the Dunkin Donuts app.

Krispy Kreme is offering a free drip coffee and a free donut to all rewards members today, no purchase necessary! You can join the rewards program here.

To celebrate the parents and caregivers in our lives, Panera is offering free coffee to anyone who takes care of others in their daily life. All day on September 29, all you need to do is tell the cashier or drive-thru attendant that you’re a parent or caregiver, and you’ll get a free cup of drip coffee.

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