Myles Kennedy Delivers Words of Warning With New Song ‘Get Along’

The Ides of March as a title lends credence to the idea of debts coming due, and that’s a theme that carries over into Myles Kennedy‘s latest solo song, “Get Along.”

On the surface, the track appears to signify a relationship turned sour with a plea to come together to fix the issues before it’s too late, but the newly animated video for the track takes that idea and applies it to the growing ecological crisis in the world.

Kennedy worked with director/animator Ollie Jones on the idea and animators Jake Lava and Sam Clark helped bring the story to visual life, showcasing a world that all to often turns a blind eye to how nature is affected by the moves of man and the animal kingdom banding together to rebel against the growing pollution of their homes through deforestation.

The message is an effective one relaying the need to work together in order to benefit the world around us for our future. Have a look at the clip for the song below.

“Get Along” is the third song to arrive off Kennedy’s second solo album, following the previously released “In Stride” and the prog-leaning The Ides of March title track. The new album is due May 14 and pre-orders are available at this location.

Myles Kennedy, “Get Along”

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