4 Best Live TV Streaming Apps and Services (2020)

Hulu’s live TV interface isn’t the best. There’s a separate tab for only live channels but if you’re searching through anything else, the on-demand options are confusingly mixed in with the live offerings. Still, it has a leg up on the competition because it offers both live TV in addition to its vast library of streamable content, including original shows like Castle Rock and The Handmaid’s Tale. That’s a big advantage.

If you can live without Netflix, you can cut your subscriptions to just one payment of around $55 for its base plan—though that price includes ads on live shows and on-demand content. Not so great when you consider an on-demand Hulu subscription without ads is just $12. You can disable ads for on-demand content, but your monthly price will jump to $61. If you’re a sports fan, you may want to look elsewhere. Hulu doesn’t carry the NFL Network, NBA TV, or MLB Network. There’s a free 7-day trial if you want to test the service out before committing.

Watch It On: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox One and 360, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, and Samsung TV

Major Channels Missing: AMC, BBC America, Comedy Central, MLB Network, MTV, NBA TV, NFL Network, NFL Red Zone, and Nickelodeon


Author: showrunner