Amazon Fire Tablet Deals: Kids Edition $50 Off, and More

Amazon devices are always affordable, which means when they go on sale, they get really cheap. Right now, Amazon’s Fire HD Tablets, especially the Fire HD Kids Editions, are at some of the lowest prices we’ve seen recently.

Amazon recently refreshed its 8-inch Fire HD 8 tablets (8/10, WIRED Recommends), and these brand-new versions are among the models currently on sale. The Fire HD 10, which features a bigger, nicer screen and a more powerful processor, is also discounted right now.

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Amazon’s Tablet Deals

Which Fire Is Right for You?

Photograph: Amazon

Be sure to read through our full guide to choosing the right Fire tablet. Picking the best Fire tablet (if any) depends on your needs.

Both the standard Fire HD 8 and 10 are capable of streaming HD movies on services like Netflix, browsing the web, and searching for recipes via Alexa. The form factor of the Fire HD 8 is perfect for travel, and good enough for reading, watching, and browsing. The Fire HD 10 has a much larger screen, and a better processor. If you don’t plan to take it out of the house much, this is your best bet.

The Kids Editions are the best values, though. They each come with a two-year worry-free guarantee. If your kid drops the Fire and somehow shatters the screen despite the case it comes in—trust me, they will—Amazon will replace it for free.


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