13 Smart Home Deals on Dyson Vacs, Sleep Tech, and More

Quiet, peaceful, clean, and free of viruses. That’s what home should be. But refuges, especially when you’re spending all your time in them, get dirty, oppressive, and stressful. Working and socializing from home is a lot more enjoyable when the air is pure, the herbs for tomorrow’s dinner are growing in the kitchen, and you can’t hear a thing from your housemates because they’re noise-canceled. If you’re in the market for solutions, below are some tech deals we’re seeing that may, in some small way, bring some peace back into your home.

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Deals for a Cleaner Home

Dyson V8

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  • Dyson V8 Animal Pro+ Stick Vacuum for $300 ($200 off): We didn’t give it the highest marks in our Dyson vacuum guide—we didn’t give it bad ones, either—but now that it’s on sale, the V8 Animal Pro+ is a compelling deal. It’s more powerful than the V7, runs for 10 minutes longer on a charge, and at this price is not much more expensive. Like all of Dyson’s stick vacuums, it converts easily into a handheld. Deal also available at Dyson’s store.

  • Dyson V10 Cyclone Stick Vacuum for $400 ($195 off): If you want to step up in Dyson’s lineup, the Absolute version of the V10 got high marks. Submodel names like Absolute and Animal denote inclusion of various adapters and tools, but the underlying vacuum is the same. The biggest knock against it was its price, but for $195 off, it’s our pick if you want a really premium vacuum. Deal also available at Dyson’s store.

  • Roborock S6 Pure for $460 ($140 off): The market for combination robot vacuums and wet-mops still isn’t huge, but it is growing, led largely by Chinese companies who’ve gotten very good at competing with Roomba at lower prices. The S6 is full of features, including compatibility with Alexa, Wi-Fi connectivity, and selecting barriers if you want it to only clean certain parts of your home.

  • Coway Airmega 200M for $170 ($21 off): Air purifiers with an automatic function are the best. They ramp up when cooking smells or pollution waft in, and then revert to quiet, energy-efficient low power when the indoor air quality is better, so you don’t have to babysit it by constantly changing settings. Adrienne So and I, who tend to test most of the air purifiers at WIRED, both recommend it for small rooms, such as home offices and bedrooms, although I had one cranking away in a small living room and it did just fine.

Deals for a Healthy Home

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