Nutrisystem Reviews 2020 – Does It Really Work?

This is an independent Nutrisystem review by Daily Wellness Pro. This report shares an in-depth analysis of this meal plan every consumer needs to know. 

Nutrisystem is a customized meal plan that is chalked out according to your requirements by professional weight loss counselors and dietitians. The program delivers ready-made food to your doorstep in microwave friendly bags, so all you’ve to do is heat the food to have it throughout the day. The best part is that the food is free from fillers, additives, or any such synthetic ingredients.

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Weight loss is hard work for one simple reason: it takes a lot of work and no one’s got the time for all the additional workload of preparing meals and preparing elaborate diet charts. This doesn’t mean you give up or learn new time management strategies. What you can do instead is order pre-prepared, ready to go meals that are tailored to your calorie and weight loss requirements by experts. Is that even possible? You bet it is, thanks to Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem Reviews

This is a customized meal plan tailored to help you shed the extra weight by eating food that contains only the calories you need. The program is super convenient to follow as it delivers food to your doorstep (free delivery for those in the US), offers you ready to go foods, and also provides pantry-friendly snacks for times when you get hungry outside meal times.

The program is not for all and sundry. But that’s not the best part – the best part is that there is a unique meal plan for every category. For instance, there’s a meal plan specially for men under theNutrisystem for Men that’s prepared as per the male metabolic system and dietary requirements.

There are also plans for folks who follow diabetes-friendly foods and more. Just as a precaution though, this meal plan is not for patients of chronic illnesses, pregnant women, and kids under the age of 14.

A cherry on top of all this is that the Nutrisystem diet plan offers you unlimited support round the clock, which makes weight loss all the more easy to stick with. You also get access to an app that connects you with the professionals for their expertise and guidance.

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The Central Principles of This Meal Plan

As mentioned by several Nutrisystem reviews online, this program is based on three fundamentals:

1. Calorie control

Most importantly, this meal plan is based on the main principle of calorie control. All your meals are planned with a specific calorie portion. Altogether in a day, you don’t consume more than a certain calorie count, which is how this meal plan helps you shed your extra weight.

2. Portion control

You might be habitual of taking three meals a day. However, Nutrisystem diet plan is a proponent of six, small meals in a day. This comes with a major benefit – you remain full throughout the day. As a result, you don’t fall into the trap of overeating or eating outside your meal times, derailing your weight loss goals.

3. Balanced nutrition

All the day’s food is prepared with another very important thing in mind: it contains the right amounts of nutrients that your body needs.

The thing is: most diet plans go wrong here, specially, one’s that you draft and follow yourself without expert guidance. While those plans may help you succeed in hitting your weight loss goals, but there’s little they can do for keeping your supply of nutrients steady. This can lead to weakness and energy decline as you limit your diet for melting the extra pounds.

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What About Those Following A Special Diet?

An important pointer that most diet plans don’t factor in is planning a diet chart for those who follow special diets, for instance, those with diabetes.

This is not the case with Nutrisystem menu though as it offers diet-specific meal plans such as Vegetarian plan and diabetes basic plan for those who prefer a vegetarian diet and those who stick with a diabetes-friendly, respectively.

If you’re on a low-sodium, there’s a thoughtful note from the meal plan’s creators for you as well. Note that:

●     All plans are prepared by taking into consideration that USDA’s recommended daily intake of 2,300 mg sodium (salt).

●     If you don’t take over 1,500 mg of salt per day, the weight loss counselors with Nutrisystem plan can help customize the meals as per your needs. 

In case of food allergies or other dietary restrictions, you can get a full breakdown of the nutritional profile of all the meal items. You can also seek assistance from the nutrition and dietary services of the team – they’ll help with selecting a menu that suits your dietary requirements the most. 

How It Works?

The Nutrisystem menu is based on pre-prepared meals for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also offers diet-friendly snacks and cheat meals such as frozen items and desserts. All these snacks and meals are made as per calculated calorie portions.

Put another way, this subscription program does the heavy lifting with your weight loss plan including all calorie calculations, nourishment profile, and more. This means you have meals that are both nourishing as well as diet-friendly, so you stay on track of your weight loss goals and get the right content of nutrients as well.

All you’ve to do is place an order and the company behind this plan will send all your month’s meals to your doorstep. The best part is that food is delivered in microwave friendly bags, which means you only need to heat the food and you’re good to go.

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What Foods to Eat: Nutrisystem Menu

There are some wonderful food items you’ll find with the Nutrisystem meal plans. Here are example snack options for each meal of the day:

●     Breakfasts: Some amazing items on the menu are biscotti bites, blueberry muffin, honey wheat bagel, cinnamon raisin baked bar, and granola cereal among other options.

●     Lunches: Dishes for lunch include trail mix bar, fudge graham bar, tuna salad, white cheddar mac and cheese, as well as chicken noodle soup along with a plethora of other options.

●     Dinners: You also have a lot of variety to pick from here including heart beef stew, lasagna with meat sauce, hickory smoke flavored beef patty, chicken and BBQ beans, and chili with beans.

●     Snacks and desserts: For times when you want to give in to some weight loss friendly snack, you’ve some great options such as milk chocolate flavored pretzels, cheese puffs, coconut almond bar, sweet and slack snack mix, snickerdoodle cookie, Nutrisystem shakes, and a lot more. 

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Nutrisystem Cost

Lucky for you, the Nutrisystem meal plan is up for grabs in three different versions. These plans vary as per the food options available, which decides the cost per day.

Get your ready to go foods under one of the following packages:

●     The Basic Plan

As its name suggests, the Basic plan gives you the simplest and most affordable access to the customized meal plan. The basic plan also gives you a free online tracking tool that lets you keep track of your weight loss journey and gives you exercises and tips to hit your goals.

●     The Core Plan

This the most popular deal, which costs approximately $10.54 per day. It gives you a variety of 100 appetizing foods to select from. Along with the food, you also get a free bonus – an online tracking app that gives you unlimited access to counselors and dietitians. In short, not only do you get a wide variety of food with the Core plan but you get free expert advice to keep your weight loss plan on track.

●     Uniquely Yours

This is the most top-rated deal as mentioned by many Nutrisystem reviews, which you can get for $11.96. The Uniquely Yours deal is the only package that gives you the option of frozen meals alongside a variety of 150 foods. This way, you get the option to add variety to your daily meals plus order frozen food for light snacking if you get hungry in between meals.

Nutrisystem Results

With this meal plan, you can shed up to about 18 pounds and 10 inches in the first two months. Remember that the meal plan is customized as per your needs and planned out by expert dietitians, so you can’t take its effectiveness lightly. There are tons of positive Nutrisystem reviews by real users and online consumers.

The only thing that you need to be mindful of though is that you stick with the diet plan. This shouldn’t be hard as it doesn’t require much work from your end – nothing to do with preparing the recipes or worrying about the math of calories. You get it all done beforehand with pre-planned, ready to go food in microwave friendly food bags.

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What Will You Get With The 4-Week Nutrisystem Basic Plan?

The basic plan for a month will give you the following:

●     Week 1:

The starting week is dedicated to helping you reboot your body so you can kick start weight loss. It is packed with unique meals, snacks, and shares for each day.

●     Week 2-4:

In this period, the target is to help you maintain a steady weight that you’ve lost in the past week. You’ll get a wide variety of ready to go meals and snacks for five days of the week with Flex meals that you can prepare yourself. At this point, you’ll require more calories, so you’ll be getting additional snacks.

●     Nutrisystem Login: Free NuMi weight loss app

The app will give you unlimited access to exclusive discounts, expert tips, recipes, engaging weight loss challenges, and more. The app also helps you keep track of your activity, food, and progress with weight loss.

●     Unlimited support and top-notch customer service

You will also get an opportunity to keep in touch with dietitians and weight loss counselors during the work days – another fantastic plus that’s hard to say no to. The top quality Nutrisystem customer service is also worth mentioning in this review.

●     Free shipping

For all those in the US on every order.

Nutrisystem Reviews Final Verdict

Nutrisystem plan is a helpful, expert planned, customized meal plan for an entire month. It delivers food to your doorstep, making the program extremely convenient to stick with. The food variety is mind-blowing with snack options available as well.

This meal plan comes with several bonuses and expert advice, adding icing to the top. Nutrisystem plans are currently up for grabs at discounted prices for a limited time. So what are you waiting for? Go on and place your order. There’s a money back guarantee in place too, so your order is protected.

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