Reliable diving watches for your undersea adventures

The Tudor Pelagos is one of the best high-end diving watches out there. Not only is its performance ahead of the rest, it is one of the best looking models on the market. It is water-resistant up to 500 meters and measures 42mm in diameter. It is made from super durable, yet lightweight titanium with a sapphire crystal dial. This watch also comes with a helium escape valve, which helps protect the watch during deep dives. As you dive deeper and deeper under the water, a small helium bubble will naturally begin to form because of the high pressure exerted on the watch, as you return to the surface the helium bubble will expand, and the valve allows for the bubble to be released before it can damage the watch. Additionally, the Tudor Pelagos will always tell you the date, hour, minute, and second accurately because the chronometer works despite any variants in motion, temperature, or pressure.


Author: showrunner