The Best Outdoor Furniture and Gear to Campout in Your Backyard (2020)

My favorite piece of backyard gear is a pizza oven (these are my favorites). Pizza is fast, irresistible, possibly more sanitary than grilling, and customizable to a wide range of dietary preferences, which is important when you’re feeding small children. When it comes to price, portability, and ease of use, the Koda is probably the best fit for most beginning pizzaiolos.

Instead of multiple layers of heavy brick or ceramics, the Koda relies on a thin carbon steel shell for insulation, which keeps its weight to around 20 pounds. Just attach it to a propane tank, flip on the ignition, and wait a few minutes for the interior to get up to a blistering 800 degrees to roast veggies and bake your dough into a crisp, crackery crust.


Author: showrunner