7 Best Umbrellas for 2020: Windproof, Cheap (and a Tiny One)

Someday, we may regularly go to outdoor events again. Whether you’re going to a wedding, golfing, graduation, a football game, or some type of outdoor event (whenever outdoor events are allowed), a nice, large umbrella is perfect for the family to huddle up under. The Sport from Blunt is much more high-end than the Blunt Coupe umbrella, which is our favorite umbrella (see above). It has a fiberglass shaft and frame, and its 58-inch diameter can easily fit two people, maybe three if everyone squeezes in. It’s too big and heavy as an everyday umbrella, though.

Sliding the runner up the shaft to open it is just as smooth as on the Coupe, you get the same locking mechanism at the bottom to keep the ribs closed, and the edges of the ribs are blunt so you don’t poke people in the face. The rubber handle is the perfect length for my palm to grasp, too. The Sport is on the heavier side at more than 2 pounds, but it does come with a handy sheath you can use to sling the umbrella over your shoulder when it’s not in use.


Author: showrunner