The Best Security Cameras for Indoors (2020): Wyze, Kami, Nest

The Kami is very similar to the aforementioned Wyze in that it can pan and tilt 360-degrees to cover all parts of the room. You can easily control exactly where the camera is looking, and motion tracking means you won’t miss anything, even when you aren’t tuning in to the live feed. The motion tracking is not without flaws—once, during testing, the camera focused on my shadow against the wall instead of the action in the room. Still, I like how you can set location bookmarks, like the front door and living room windows, so you can get the camera’s focus back to that exact spot without having to fuss about with the controls.

If you sign up for the Emergency Response plan, you can contact emergency services using an integration with the Noonlight app directly from your camera feed, too. Unfortunately, this camera doesn’t have two-factor authentication, though you can set a pin separate from your password to view the live feed. (If you sign in using Facebook, you can use two-factor authentication, but Facebook has its own security issues.)


Author: showrunner